Wedding Location at Bonhams Barn, near Alton Hampshire


As a location for the wedding of your dreams, you’ll find it hard to match – let alone beat – Bonhams Farm.


"We wanted a venue that gave us complete freedom to make our special day unique. Having the barn three days before was such a plus so we could decorate it how we wanted, the day was amazing. So many venues now are so restrictive and weddings are like a conveyor belts, our wedding felt like the complete opposite."

Tom Burrell

Set in the gently rolling Hampshire countryside, the Farm is situated in the middle of a private family estate. Access to it is by invitation only, and is limited to event guests and staff, family members (who live on the estate) and the farms employees.


The myriad of nearby hamlets, villages and towns are home to beautiful churches, abbeys, cathedrals and castles, as well as other ceremonial buildings. Whether you envisage a traditional English country wedding in a small stone chapel, or have always seen yourself and your guests gracing the imposing halls of an ancient abbey,  you’ll find every option within easy reach of the Farm.


Let the spectacular countryside act as the backdrop to memories you will remember for years to come, before settling in to a unique and intimate celebration in our magnificent 250 year-old oak-framed barn, surrounded by tradition, history and – of course – your nearest and dearest.


We are not registered to hold civil ceremonies in the barn.


Inside of the Barn
A Stress Free Experience

Breathe easy on your big day. From scheduling events to making sure your floral arrangements and cake are perfect, we will give you the time and space for you or your wedding planner to ensure all the fine details are in place.

Glorious Secluded Setting
A Blank Canvas

The Barn can comfortably host up to 130 guests; taking advantage of the outdoor space will enable you to entertain up to twice that number.


The wedding feast is a highlight of the wedding ceremony and here at Bonhams we are proud to guide you through the many flexible catering options to ensure your guests will make it a day to remember. Plan your wedding catering options.